Congratulations to New Board Members!

The SBA wants to congratulate all those who tried out for the Negotiation Board and the Trial Advocacy Board of the past couple of weeks. We hope you all enjoyed the experience.

The SBA also wants to give a special congratulations to those students who made their respective boards.

For the Negotiation Board, congratulations to the following students:

Jessica Brouchkaert

Amanda Burch

Katie Janusz

Matt McDonald

Daniel Tankersley

Maggie Vinzant


For the Trial Advocacy Board, congratulations to the following students:

Jasmine Bogard

Sammy Brown

Kelsey Cooper

Brittney Eakins

Cody Hallmark

Javan Porter

Roy Smith

Rebecca Valentine


Congratulations again. We hope to see all of your names on a banner in the atrium soon!


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