Service Staff Appreciation Day 2017

Service Staff Appreciation 2.0

Students, faculty and staff, and members of the administration joined together on Monday, April 10, 2017, to celebrate Service Staff Appreciation Day at the University of Mississippi School of Law.

Co-sponsored by the Law School Student Body and the Christian Legal Society, this event featured a ceremony recognizing nine individuals who are employed at the law school in custodial, maintenance, and food service roles. Those honored include Eric Blakely, Julie Lipsey, Jerry Mayes, Lee Jones, Lakesia Pegues, Sandra Broadway, Suprina Hite, Zoe Shaveh, and Jesse Wortham.

“These men and women are the heart of our school,” said Allison Bruff, Vice President of the Law School Student Body. “Because of their service and constant words of encouragement in the hallway, we, as a student body, can attend classes and study in a place that feels like home.”

Bruff spearheaded the event on behalf of the LSSB and said that the support for it has been wide. “I have never been involved in a student-sponsored event that has been as universally and unquestionably endorsed and celebrated as Service Staff Appreciation Day. It speaks volumes about the dedication and outstanding service of these men and women that our event drew an outpouring of support from students, professors, and members of the administration.”

The decision to designate a day of appreciation came after a number of students exchanged stories of how the service staff employees at the law school have positively impacted their lives. “We admire these individuals because they have shown the law students what it truly means to exemplify Christian character,” said Jonathan Barnes, President of the Christian Legal Society. “They intentionally seek to inspire us with their warm smiles as they speak comfort into our hearts and hand us notes of encouragement. I hope our students will strive to show the same genuine regard and compassion for others as these men and women have shown to us, for the enrichment of this honorable profession.”

Barnes oversaw the creation of Service Staff Appreciation Day on behalf of CLS. The members of CLS, as well as the officers of the LSSB, sought to provide a platform for students to be more intentional in showing their gratitude to the service staff. As part of the event, everyone was invited to post messages of appreciation on the white board located on the first floor of the building.

“Ole Miss Law boasts an indescribably special atmosphere,” said Bruff. “The individuals we honored on Service Staff Appreciation Day are a vital part of creating such a welcoming and positive environment, and we wanted to give our classmates the opportunity to show their appreciation.” Bruff, Barnes, and others in CLS and LSSB hope to establish this as an annual event to recognize the outstanding service of the custodial/maintenance staff and employees of Einstein’s Bros. Bagels.


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