UM Law Hosts Constitution Day Celebration

On September 20th, the University of Mississippi School of Law hosted a Constitution Day celebration with the presentation of three of UM Law’s own 3Ls. Catherine Norton, Allison Bruff, and TreMarcus Roseman all gave a presentation regarding articles authored by the respective students. The subject of the presentations kept to questions of Fourth and First Amendment jurisprudence.

Catherine Norton presented her Article entitled “Keeping Faith with the Fourth Amendment: Why States Should Require a Warrant for Breathalyzer Tests in the Wake of Birchfield v. North Dakota,” Catherine’s Article will be published in UM Law’s own Mississippi Law Journal, Volume 87. SBA President Allison Bruff presented her Article entitled “Ripe for Rejection: A Methodology for States’ Departure from Utah v. Strieff and Its Poisonous Fruit,” Allison’s Article is currently being published in UM Law’s own Mississippi Law Journal, Volume 86. TreMarcus Roseman presented his Article entitled “Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones… But Symbols Hurt, Too: Government Speech & the First Amendment,” a work-in-progress.

The SBA is proud of its members and congratulates the 3L Panel on their exceptional academic achievements.


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